Wait 'til next year

I'm a die hard Cubs fan and have been since I was little. My heart has been broken many, many times. And this year, my Cubbies ran into the buzzsaw that is the 2015 New York Mets and got swept in dominating fashion.

This team reminds me of another Chicago sports team — the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls — who couldn't beat the Detroit Pistons for a number of years before winning six championships. In baseball and today's sports environment, the window to win is so small. There's a lot of pressure to win now because everyone else is getting better, too. But the Cubs will continue to improve with a ton of young talent. And that talent is only going to get better.

I enjoyed this season. It was fun to have my Cubs relevant again. And as much as I hate watching them swept out of the playoffs*, I'm confident that we are going to be good for years to come.

So, yes, I'll give you the traditional Cubs fan refrain is always "Wait 'til next year!" But this year, it's less lament and more warning. Next year, we'll be even better.

Go Cubs!

* This year, we did beat the Pirates in a one game playoff and the Cardinals in the NLDS. And those wins were a lot of fun.