Wanted in Columbia: A new coach and a beer garden

Getting back to normal. Things are slowly returning to normal for much of Columbia, but please continue to support those who lost so much in the flood two weeks ago.

Spurrier fired himself. A rough week here in Columbia as Steve Spurrier unexpectedly resigned as football coach at the University of South Carolina. So Columbia needs a new head football coach. The interim coach, Shawn Elliott, beat Vandy. Maybe he wins the job at the end of the season. Maybe we get a new coach. We’ll see in December who gets the gig full time for next year.

Beer Garden. A couple of weeks ago — before the flood — someone had asked me to add “beer garden” to the Wanted in Columbia list. But before I could add it, Hunter Gatherer announced they were opening a beer garden/brewery/event venue in the old hanger at Owen’s Field. Should be cool. Love the look of the old, historical hanger.

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