Wanted in Columbia: Dave and Busters, still no Apple Store, Costco recap

Dave and Busters. When Sears left Columbiana and Belk took half of the old store to become their men’s department, I wondered what would fill the other half. At one point, the mall’s directory listed a Gander Mtn.* as opening in 2015. But that never materialized and the directory map was changed.

Now, thanks to Cassie Cope at The State, we know that Dave and Busters is on their way to Columbiana. It’s an interesting addition to Columbiana and I think it will do well.

No room for an Apple Store? Dave and Busters to Columbiana Mall also blows up my theory that an Apple Store would find it’s way into part of the old Sears at Columbiana. Columbia can support an Apple Store, but I don’t think there is a good location for it. Columbiana Mall is the only location in the Midlands that meets Apple’s typical retail scenario. But right now, there just isn’t room at Columbiana for an Apple Store. Will an Apple Store come to Bull Street? Or Forest Acres? Or Sandhills?  We’ll continue to wait and see.

Costco recap. Also over at The State is an interesting column from Cindi Ross Scoppe about the process of Costco coming to Piney Grove Road. An interesting read as you think about what we need to do to attract retailers to the region. Hint: We don’t need incentives.

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* I took a picture of it. And then, big plastic rectangle. This is why you don't announce retail developments until they are a done deal.