Roughly 200 posts

I've had Sketchbook B since February 2008. Over the last 6 years, I've posted over 200 blog posts, most of them related to design and typography. Since Sketchbook B is a project for me to explore and express ideas, I'm not overly concerned with web traffic analytics. But I do love looking through my traffic logs and seeing what completely random articles people are finding via Google.

My most recent findings:

By far, my most read article is a post from 2009 on how to create a vignette effect in InDesign. Which is funny because it's outdated. I posted an update, but it doesn't get nearly as much traffic as the original does. People also seem to land on my article about Star Trek view screens. Or they stumble across my mother's advice on criticism. People look for free fonts and want presets for Flare.

I guess what I find most amazing is how random it all seems. Why is one post discovered more often than another? If my livelihood depended on ad income from web site traffic – which thankfully it does not – I think the lack of an easily discernible pattern would completely drive me crazy.