Star Trek Discovery: Theories and Thoughts

Now that the winter premiere has aired, I have lots of questions and thoughts.


I’ve enjoyed the first season of Star Trek Discovery. With the winter premiere, they’ve taken a trip to the mirror universe. It’s a fun twist, but opens up a bunch of new unanswered questions.


Spoilers and theories follow…


… seriously…


So obviously, Ash Tyler is Voq. I think we've known this for a while, but now it's confirmed. L’Rell obviously still loves him, but what is their endgame? How does disguising Voq as Tyler help them retake the Klingon Empire or win the war? Can he be turned back into a Klingon? I don’t understand their strategy.

Captain Lorca appears to be the mirror Lorca. The mirror Lorca is "missing." Right... Think about all the things Lorca has done over the first ten episodes. Blow up his own ship to “save his crew from the Klingons.” Kidnap Burnham from a prison ship and force her to join the crew. Collect and study weapons of war. Sleep with Admiral Cornwell, then send her into danger when she was going to relieve him of command. He’s completely the evil twin from the mirror universe. It looks like mirror Lorca ended up in the prime universe somehow when mirror Burnham tried to kill him. And everything he’s done in the prime universe was just him trying to survive and get back to the mirror universe. And I bet the eye injury and eye drops — which seem odd — have something to do with the connection to the mirror universe. The big question, though… Where are mirror Burnham and prime Lorca?

The emperor? So the crew of the Discovery still doesn’t know who the emperor is. I don’t think it will be a character from another show — like Sato from Enterprise or Captain Pike from the Original Series. I think it’s someone that we’ve already seen this season. My guess is that it’s mirror Philippa Georgiou, which would just be another kick in the gut for Burnham. They could choose one of the admirals that we’ve seen, but that would be boring. Ash Tyler? Or maybe Harry Mudd? Is there any other human character that has had significant screen time? I don’t think so.

So the doctor isn’t dead? Culber certainly looked dead, but the writers said on After Trek that we’ll see more of him. I loved the character and gasped audibly* when Tyler snapped his neck. So I hope Culber’s not dead, but I hope the show's explanation isn’t stupid.

Stamets can see the future. That’s going to be important.

Who comes back from the mirror universe? I’ll bet they rescue prime Lorca along the way… because Jason Isaacs is awesome. (Kind of like on Flash, how Tom Cavanagh keeps playing different versions of Harrison Wells.) Or maybe mirror Tyler is a rebel and a good guy and they take him back to the prime universe. I think someone's mirror doppelganger returns to the prime universe. And I think someone on the current crew will have to stay behind.

Is Captain Killy and mirror I.S.S. Discovery rampaging through the prime universe while the U.S.S. Discovery is in the mirror universe? I wonder if we’ll see at least one episode from their perspective? Also, how amazing is Tilly playing Captain Killy. Love it.

I’m excited about where the show is headed and I can't wait to see how they tie all this together.

* Loud enough that is scared my wife, who was on the other side of the room with headphone on.

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