Hobeaux Rococeaux

On Typekit: An 18th century twist on Hobo?

Every Tuesday, I highlight a typeface from Typekit that's included for free with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. 


James Edmundson designed a modern version of Morris Fuller Benton’s much maligned Hobo. The new version, Hobeaux comes in a variety of weights and a modern character set. But alas, that’s not the Hobeaux I’m talking about today.

That’s right, there is another. Hobeaux Rococeaux. An bizarrely ornate, flourished version of Hobo — hence the style name Rococeaux. I’ll be honest, I have no idea where I would ever use Hoboeaux Rococoeaux, but the fact that it exists and is available as part of your Creative Cloud subscription… it makes me want to find a reason to use it somewhere.

(Not sure how to add fonts from Typekit to your computer? Check out this Adobe Help document on how to install Typekit desktop fonts.)

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