Spoilers: Agents of SHIELD 'Afterlife'

What an awesome Agents of SHIELD episode this week. "Afterlife" was perhaps their best episode, yet. It's been a while since I've been that surprised by an hour of television. Spoilers below. And lots of exclamation points! I was particularly delighted by:

  • Coulson and Hunter! Bad options! Awesome. 
  • Shield Team Battlestar!
  • Skye's Dad! Skye's MOM! Reassembled. What! Didn't see that coming. 
  • Reinforcements! Deathlok! Love the return of Agent Peterson. 
  • Loaded gun!
  • Our bad option: Grant Ward!
  • The return of FitzSimmons! And the sandwich. 

I'm too often spoiled by episode descriptions and Twitter, but I've been busy and not paying attention. So I went into the episode spoiler-free and I seriously enjoyed the episode more than usual.