Published: September 2016

Fall is finally here.

After a balmy summer, I'm glad fall has finally arrived. Not that it's that much cooler yet... but fall is absolutely my favorite season.

I spent much of September working on various sections of the site. I rewrote the about page, added to the work samples and updated some of my personal info. It's been a while since I updated any of those pages and it was long overdue. I placed ads on Sketchbook B and In Store Columbia. I restructured some of the page templates, started using subheads and now include an "about the author" blurb at the end of each post.

Since most of my spare time was spent working on the behind the scenes stuff, I didn't write much this month. I am, however, really happy with what I did publish. This week, I started a new recurring series: Designer Toolkit. Every Friday, I'm going to highlight pens, pencils, notebooks and more that I think designers will enjoy using. (And I've actually got two more regular series coming in October.)

Things have been slow over at In Store Columbia. Only one post this month. I will try to get back up to a weekly posting schedule in October.



P.S. If you want a Christmas card from Team Wertz this year, click on the big red button and make sure we have your address. We are actually going to mail one this year.


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