Published: October 2016

Pumpkins, Playoffs, Pigskin, Polls and Posts

The month of October has come to a close and the end of the year is rapidly approaching. It was a busy month, with my Cubbies making it to the World Series, Halloween, college football and the election (which thankfully will be over soon). October was an exceptionally productive writing month for me, despite the fact that I spent most nights watching playoff baseball until the early morning.

This month, I continued my Designer Toolkit series and introduced a new series, On Typekit. My new side project, Forgotten Slides is rolling along nicely with a new vintage slide posted to Instagram every Sunday. 

I’ve continued to tinker with Sketchbook B a good bit. I have a new home page and I’ve improved the formatting of my posts. I’ve added Sketchbook B to Apple News* and I’ve started to explore some of the more sophisticated customization options within Squarespace.

I continue to ponder what other projects I want to experiment with on Sketchbook B. Programming? Ebooks? Podcasts? I’ve got ideas for all of them… just got to find the time.


* I'll eventually write a blog post about Apple News. I'm interested to see if it drives any traffic to the site.


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