My Gear

I often get questions about what software, services and gear that I use for my Sketchbook B projects. Below is a list that covers everything I'm currently using.



Creative Cloud / Adobe – I should probably put this under services, but I have a subscription primarily for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. Plus a whole lot of apps and type to play around with.

Glyphs / Mac – My primary type design app. Powerful and delightful to use. I recently upgraded to version 2 and am really impressed with the updates.

Ulysses / Mac / iPad – When I need something more than Byword, Ulysses is perfect. Allows me to organize my writing and sync everything between Macs and my iPad. Perfect for longer documents. Hopefully, there's an iPhone version in the works.

Flare 2 / Mac – Kind of like Instagram for the Mac. Let's you massively customize effects, filters, textures and more. I like to use it to add texture to my illustrations.

Twitteriffic / iOS – My Twitter app of choice on the iPhone.

Overcast / iOS – I listen to a lot of podcasts and Overcast is a pretty significant upgrade over the standard Apple Podcast app.



Dropbox – How did we get anything done without Dropbox? Online storage made really, really easy.

Day One – I'm using Day One now to post about my goals and acheivements for each day. Love the interface on the Mac and iOS. I use IFTTT to connect Instagram to my daily journal.

ToDoist – I've tried lots of to-do list programs and services, but I've recently started to use Todoist. The upgrade to premium is worth the investment. Works on just about every platform.

Feedly – I was a little panicked when Google Reader was discontinued. But Feedly is a really solid RSS service with a lot of potential. I use it every day.

Squarespace – Sketchbook B is hosted on Squarespace and has been for a long time. It keeps getting better. Version 7 is really, really impressive. Great apps for iOS, too.

Bitly – I use Bitly for my custom link shortener, Pretty geeky, but really easy to configure.



Apple Mac Mini – I bought a Mac Mini as my new primary machine. Plenty of power for what I need at home. (My office computer is a Retina iMac. Love it, too.)

iPhone 7 Plus – My iPhone 7 Plus travels with me everywhere. I wasn't sure about the size of the iPhone, but the outstanding camera completely won me over. The iPhone is also my primary camera, since it's always with me.

iPad Air 2 — The iPad has become my go to mobile device for writing and surfing. I've really fallen in love again with the 9.6 inch iPad form factor and really look forward to upgrading to an iPad Pro eventually.

Apple 2GB Time Capsule – Backup over wi-fi. Completely saved me when I had a hard drive crash.


Other gear

Timbuk2 Custom Messenger – Love my green and black custom Timbuk2 messenger bag. Carries everything I need.

NockCo Brasstown – A slick pen case that holds 6 pens and accessories. I've got the red version with a navy blue interior. Handmade down the road in Atlanta, GA.

Lamy Safari – Several colors, actually. I really like the 1.1 mm caligraphy nib.

Lamy Al-Star - Just like the Lamy Safari, but aluminum.

Uniball Kuru Toga – Mechanical pencils that rotate the lead to keep the point sharp. The 0.7 mm version has non-photo blue lead in it.

Pilot Delful – A mechanical pencil with a clever double knock mechanism that hides the point of the pencil.

Moleskine – I'm currently using a black Moleskine journal with gridded pages for work notes. I’ve got a teal soft cover with dotted paper for personal projects.